A Rebuttal

I hope most of you had to scroll to view the entire comic.

I'll be honest: I sort of agree with XKCD for the most part. TV has not really changed in the past 80 years. It's a 2D image made of pixels that is transmitted from one place and viewed in another.

The addition of color was a welcome upgrade but for at least the past 40 years, not much has changed. The TV we had when I was a kid looks pretty much like the TV my parents have now. If you don't count the various attempts at '3D' we've had in the past and the one happening right now, the two biggest things to happen in nearly a century of television was the addition of color and a slight increase in resolution. So, it kind of is not that impressive.


When you look at the evidence, such as that gorgeous specimen of a man above, it is hard to be dismissive of HDTV and what it can do for you. It has raised the bar for the expected image quality of television shows and I for one have no problem with that at all.
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