Maybe I Have Too Many Friends

We decided to see the new Star Trek movie the Saturday after it came out. Jessie and I got to the theater early so we got in and grabbed seats for our friends. Most people went on looking for seats when they found out that the ones we saved were taken. This one guy, however, felt it necessary to call us a bunch of dicks for saving seats. He didn't even have to guts to say it to Jessie's face. He just muttered it loud and clear enough for her to hear it as he walked away.

Eventually, my friends showed up and we enjoyed the movie. The trailers all looked great and I told Jessie I wanted to see them all. Even the ridiculous looking G.I. Joe movie which I referred to as "movie porn."

Star Trek was good. The cast was great except Uhura. Not so much that she was a bad actor but there didn't really seem to be much to her part. That and she totally had a Legolas in Return of the King "A diversion..." moment.

Here is a drawing of the Enterprise I did for a Robotion post that will be coming up eventually.
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