The Bottom Line

Last summer I saw an ad in an issue of EGM for a contest to win a Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360. I already had one so I told Bronson about it and he entered. I guess neither of us looked at the fine print because it apparently signed me up for a subscription to PC Magazine or something from Ziff Davis. I didn't find out about this until Fall of last year when I checked the balance of an older credit card that I keep for emergencies. The charge for the subscription was there as well as a late fee for not having paid off that debt for several months.

I paid the balance at the time and then put in a report for an unauthorized transaction since I was never informed that my card would be charged and especially since I never received the magazines. I forgot about this almost immediately.

Apparently, they had accepted my request and refunded my account. Usually this would just be deducted from whatever debt I had on the card but I never use the card so the balance stood at -$40 for some time. Eventually, they sent me a check for the amount but I don't ever recall receiving it. Then, this week, I received a letter saying the check would be canceled because I never cashed it and the events you see above took place.

I manned up and called them the next morning. I should have my check soon enough.
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